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Within the big scheme of things, the world of pure bred dogs is a vast and varied one. Within that world, the Bulldog can be described as a breed of extremes – flat faced, plenty of mass in a compact form with a lumbering appearance. The Breed Standard for the Bulldog is critical for defining the breed. Fully understanding it will you allow you to learn type and will open your eyes to a breed that is actually one of balance, portion, and symmetry. The standard for the Bulldog is an old one, and for the most part has gone unchanged since the late 1800’s. This is a breed full of history, with jobs that included bull baiting, dog fighting, and eventually loving house pets. From job to job, and decade to decade, the standard has remained constant. Form follows function is a term often applied to the Bulldog.

Even though the Bulldog is no longer needed to be put up against a bull, and would prefer to have a nice afternoon nap in your living room, the basic attributes that made him the best bull fighter are still there, as spelled out in our breed standard. The world is changing and so are attitudes towards brachycephalic or flat faced breeds, including the Bulldog. It is more important now than ever that pure-bred preservation breeders continue to strive to breed for the standard Bulldog. Those who love the breed must support kennel clubs who stand to protect the breeds through their standards. To change the standard would be the same as changing history. To breed for anything besides what is spelled out in the breed standard would be doing the breed a disservice. Preserve. Promote. Protect.


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