Code of ethics

code of ethics

As a member of the Bulldog Club of Canada (BCC) your responsibilities will be:

  • To protect the interest of the bulldog breed. Breeding only to the Bulldogs standard.
  • No BCC member shall engage in misleading or false advertising nor malign or give false statements regarding the Bulldog Club of Canada, their competitor’s dogs, breeding practices or person.
  • All BCC members will show good sportsmanship at all times in all matters pertaining to club members and will maintain the highest degree of honesty and integrity.
  • Those more experienced BCC members in the breed have an obligation to advise and assist those less knowledgeable in a spirit of kindness and courtesy.
  • BCC members shall at all times maintain a high standard of health and care for their bulldogs.
  • BCC members of the Canadian Kennel Club will comply with all CKC Rules and Regulations.
  • BCC members will help to educate the public on the standard and the proper care of the bulldog.
  • No BCC member shall sell or produce for sale or consign any puppies or adult bulldogs to any auction, dealer, laboratory, or pet store.
  • BCC members shall, at all times, maintain a polite and sportsman like demeanor in their dealings with other club members, their puppy and/or breeding clients, and the general public.
  • BCC members will refrain from employing “social media” to question or discuss the reputation, breeding practices or quality of breeding stock of any person involved with dog breeding or showing, whether a club member or otherwise. To engage in such practices constitutes “bullying” and is governed by the Criminal Code of Canada